Focusing on competence development and concrete action through cutting-edge innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable development projects, Qualies was recently restructured as a leading think-tank and actor in the Middle East on issues of Quality and Innovation.


Qualies is an Omani non-profit company, think-tank and action-oriented organisation that operates in a global context with international partners. The Chairman is Omani and the CEO international.


Qualies brings together civil society, firms, policymakers and practitioners under a common agenda aimed to build a range of those competencies that are most needed for building the industries of the future, and to achieve sustainable development through transformative solutions.



Qualies invites partner companies:


Omani companies are invited to engage with and contribute to Qualies activities. Several of the agendas developed by Qualies call for support from Corporate Social Reponsibility (CSR) programs. In this context, various training activities may be of interest.


Qualies supports entrepreneurship training through the International Academy of Entrepreneurship (Intentac). Special vocational training activities are also in the pipeline, with special focus on mastering combinations of theoretical and practical skills.


Partners across the GCC and the wider Arab world are invited to join an ambitious effort under way to restore large scale ecosystems through the deployment of new technology to green extensive areas of land. This program is coupled with measures to improve water management, raise awareness of natural assets and generate economic and social value in regions that are currently unproductive and stagnant.


Piloting and researching new methodology and practices of engaging stakeholders is a critical step for developing or adopting the most effective tools, whether based on new technologies or organisational change, and to tailor them for addressing specific local conditions.



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